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Nature has set a law by which nights and days come because the universe can work properly. Universe is consist of large and small pieces of land and water and it is geographically called sea, ocean, city, country and also have a particular name like USA, Pacific ocean etc.

And many systems run by laws of the universe and so many systems made by man for people, and also to maintain these systems, laws are made and meant by every country and state. If we define, we can say that law is the system of rules generally enforced through a set of institution.

You it name and it also has law for everything, it makes politics, society and economics. Whether you talk about property deals or personal issues and presence of a solid law is must for every state. If there would be no law so in this case it is difficult to differ between a jungle and a state, and with discipline man is different from animals.

Every country has its own laws according to the nature of the state. Some are contract laws, property laws, trust laws, criminal laws, tort laws, constitutional laws and others. The strong histry of law is connected to the development of civilizations.

Law is a profession and lawyers not only advice their clients and also represent themselves in the court. Law is taught in some institutions and give degrees of law to the candidates. You can find best schools of law easly and after practice serve as a lawyer.

Here take a look about law systems of the different countries.


The law system of the United State is divided from common law system of English law which was in power at the time of revolutionary war. The law of the United State is derived from constitutional law, administrative law, statutory law and common law. How does every thing work in law of the United States? The answer of this is very can't be covered in few lines.

Australian law is based on the English common law. In Australia all the territories are self governing and are separate jurisdiction and the parliaments and courts system is there. You explore the world of web for more details about Australian law.

China's law is interesting and the oldest tradition, it's been a complex mix of traditional Chinese approaches and western. If you want to have clear idea about the law of China so just explore the world of web.

The best way to get more information regarding law and its related topics. You must have the awareness about websites before your eyes is authentic. In this way you can have authentic information. Use search engine to have best information.

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